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Ina Wickenhagen has been traveling to Southern Italy regularly and frequently since 2012, both for professional and private reasons, and she has found a home away from home there. She knows exactly where you find the most beautiful spots between Naples, Catania and Lecce. After many years of working as the product manager for our Southern Italian destinations, she took over Cilentano from Mathias Baldauf, founder of the agency, and became its general manager in January 2020.

Antonio Motta has been at Ina Wickenhagen's side as the co-owner of Cilentano since the beginning of 2020. Although traveling the world as a photographer and journalist and calling northern Italy, Naples, Rome, Switzerland and Tunisia home for a while, there is no place that matches up to "his" Cilento. He supports our team with his experience in marketing, in the field of press relations and with regard to our online delicatessen market. 

Barbara Poggi has been a member of the Cilentano family since the founding of the agency. She has been and is our rock in any kind of waters, both for us and for our guests. She keeps in very close touch with our Italian owners; she offers competent, reliable support and help over the phone and by e-mail regarding your choice of accommodation; last but not least, she takes care of any kind of questions, concerns, requests, be they easy or difficult, concerning the planning of your holidays. 

Maria Haag offers advice and helps you on over the phone. She is also responsible for Cilentano´s Web presence. 

Karen Stefani
is our lovely "montanara" – the girl from the mountains of Northern Italy. She displays esprit, charm and enthusiasm when assisting us with the maintenance of our websites and our online shop. She helps you on with any questions you may have concerning our delicacies from Italy's sunny south and your holiday planning.

Carmen Härtl supports Cilentano's web presence and, above all, provides translations into English. Should there be a mistake somewhere on our websites, it will in most cases catch her eye! She also supports our team with the processing of our customers' feedbacks and has for many years now been always spreading a positive mood.

Tomcat Baghera
has, quietly and almost secretly, but with nonchalance, slipped into our Cilento home. As we could resist neither the way he looked at us nor his cheeky rubbing against our legs, we have simply adopted him and cherish his company, not least after returning home at the end of long working days in the Cilento. Meow!