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FAQ Covid-19 - questions and answers

Please note: This information is outdated and will be updated as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding. If you have any urgent questions, please send us an e-mail.


Please note: This information is outdated and will be updated as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding. If you have any urgent questions, please send us an e-mail.


Your questions concerning bookings of holiday accommodations in and journeys to Southern Italy in times of the pandemic

I would like to travel to Italy. What are the regulations/requirements for entry to Italy?

For travels to Italy the following regulations are valid as of December 16th 2021:

Persons fully vaccinated and recovered are required to present not only proof of vaccination or of recovery, but also a certified negative Covid-19 test for entry to Italy. An antigen test (rapid test) no older than 24 hours is accepted, as is a PCR test no older than 48 hours.

As of Feburary 1st 2022, validity of certificates of vaccination and recovery is limited to 6 months.

Unvaccinated travelers are required not only to present a certified negative Covid-19 test for entry, but also to quarantine for five days upon entry to Italy. Quarantine can be ended only on the basis of another test.

Children under 6 years of age are exempt from the above regulations.

Apart from vaccination or recovery status, all travelers are required to register online, i.e. fill in a Passenger Locator Form before entry to Italy.

For up-to-date and possible short-term information look up the official site of the relevant authorities (e.g. Foreign Office) of your home country.

Do I need a Covid certificate for booking an accommodation in Italy?

For overnight stays at rented houses, apartments and guest rooms you currently need the so-called "Green Pass". The "Green Pass" (in Germany 3G) is proof of complete vaccination, recovery or a valid, certified negative Covid-19 test.

In Italy vaccination certificates are often digitally checked. Most convenient in this respect is using the European Cov-Pass-App, which you upload your certificate to. The Geman Corona-Warn-App might also suffice, if you have uploaded your certificate there. Travelers from both EU and non-EU countries are well advised to check on digital certificates, their validity, etc. before starting on their journey.

What are the current regulations/restrictions onsite?

Italy's regions are still categorized according to the Red - Orange - Yellow - White system. The decisive factors for categorization are both the respective local number of Covid-19 infections and the situation at the hospitals.

Furthermore, in almost all fields of public life either the "Green Pass" (see also above) is required or the "Super Green Pass" (in Germany 2G).

The simple "Green Pass" is enough for all accommodation facilities and restaurants/bars which are connected with/part of the facilities (only valid for guests of the respective accommodation).

The "Super Green Pass" is mandatory for the use of public means of transport and taxis, for visits to both indoor and outdoor areas of restaurants, bars and the like. Admission to museums, theaters and other cultural facilities is granted only with the "Super Green Pass".

Discos/clubs in Italy are still closed.

What are the conditions of cancellation due to the Covid-19 pandemic?

Regular cancellation of your booking is possible at any time. Insofar as there are no restrictions by the authorities concerning entry and stay onsite, the conditions of cancellation as stated in our terms and conditions remain valid. 

Free-of-charge cancellation of your booking is possible only when the services you have booked cannot be performed. This is the case when, for example, official entry bans are declared for Italy or the holiday region and when accommodation service (in general or in a specified region) is not allowed. At the time of cancellation one of the above mentioned facts must definitely be given, i.e. there must be a resolution by the Italian authorities which applies without doubt to your travel dates.

My flight / train connections have been cancelled. What can I do with regard to my booking with Cilentano?

Organizing the mode of travel from your home country and back rests with you. It is not part of the services we offer. Booking of your holiday accommodation can, after consultation with the landlord and under certain conditions, possibly be rescheduled to another date. Please note that in this respect you can only rely on the goodwill of your landlord in Southern Italy and that the final decision rests with him as your contracting party. Should no 'goodwill' be granted, the booking has to be cancelled according to the usual terms.

See the Terms of cancellation

I have made a down payment for my booking. Now I am not sure whether I can really start on my journey. Do I still have to settle the remaining balance?

Should you not have cancelled your booking before the date the remaining balance was due, the latter has to be settled, according to our terms and conditions, at the specified date. Should we have to make a demand for payment and should the balance still not be settled, our agency will have to, in accordance with our terms and conditions, cancel your booking and charge you with the relevant fees.

Please contact us in time in case you are uncertain, have got any questions or doubts.

My home country has declared my holiday destination a high risk or virus variant area. I am not vaccinated and on returning home I would therefore have to undergo quarantine. Can I cancel my booking at no charge?

Should the landlord be able to perform the services you have booked, i.e. provide availability of the accommodation, you are not entitled to a free-of-charge cancellation.

Please note: Fully vaccinated and recovered travelers in general do not have to undergo quarantine in such cases.

What happens if I fall ill with Covid-19 during my holidays/at my holiday destination?

Should you be tested positive for Covid-19, everything will go the way it would at home: the health authorities are informed and you have to quarantine at your holiday destination, i.e. at your accommodation.What applies and you have to observe in any case are the Italian quarantine regulations.

Our tip: a travel insurance which covers this case.

Should I take out travel insurance with Covid-19 cover?

Yes - and mind to take it out in time before your journey! Look for an insurer who offers enhanced cover for Covid-19 and make sure that coverage includes the following cases in particular (based on the experiences we gained during the first "Covid-19 season"):

  • One travel party falls ill with Covid-19. Diseases/illnesses which are considered pandemic are normally not insured. Enhanced coverage for Covid-19 is therefore very important.
  • You fall ill during your holidays and you and your travel companion(s) are put under quarantine at your holiday destination. Should an extended stay then be necessary, the insurance should cover the additional expenses.
  • You are put under quarantine at home by the authorities before (you can start on) your journey.

No responsibility taken for the correctness of the information. January 21st 2022.